Whitney Antonsen (Maternity Leave)

Hello, my name is Whitney and I love being a midwife! It is my joy to meet families where they are at to find holistic and creative ways to care for them throughout their birthing journies. I am originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and have also lived in Victoria, BC. I first began exploring midwifery when I met a midwife in Istanbul Turkey during my travels after high school. I immediately returned to the island, became a birth doula, and after attending my first birth, I was hooked. I have attended hundreds of births since then and I cannot get enough of supporting people through the transformative experience of pregnancy and birth. In addition to midwifery training, I have a bachelor’s degree in Women’s studies and previously worked as a doula, lifeguard and swimming instructor for five years. As a midwife, I strongly believe in choice and a pregnant person’s ability to make decisions about their care and I do my very best to provide evdienced based information to support them to make these decisions. I love home births, cats, making pottery and tending to my ever evolving plant collection. I am so looking forward to caring for you and yours on Aurora’s team 7 with my fabulous partner Hope!