Heather Sinamano

I am in the middle of my third year as a midwifery student at Mount Royal University.

Growing up in southern Africa, I was surrounded by strong, hardworking women who walked with a purposeful gait and birthed babies with the same fortitude, in a place where there were hospitals and clinics in urban areas, and midwives in rural places. I recently found out that my maternal grandmother was a rural midwife who took women into her own
home for birth or traveled to them for not much more than gratitude and at times a bundle of vegetables.

From my childhood, I had a passion for healthcare. I spent my teenage and young adult years dreaming of medicine and exploring other career paths. It was over a decade and three children later that I discovered my own journey towards midwifery and joined program at Mount Royal University.

Midwifery to me represents passion. Passion for healthcare. Passion for pregnancy. Passion for women and families. I am excited to become part of an amazing community of women dedicated to improving pregnancy and childbirth in Alberta. I am excited about choices for women, knowledge and information regarding their bodies and their babies. I continue to meet more and more Calgary midwives as well as other women in careers surrounding midwifery, and the one thing they have in common is the smile on their faces – the sheer joy of serving expectant families and being part of the birth of a child. To them, this is more than a job and more than a career. Midwifery, to me, is a life choice.