Our Midwifery Services

Complete Pregnancy Care

As an Aurora Midwifery client, you’ll receive comprehensive midwifery care from conception to six weeks postpartum.

Midwifery care is an insured service in Alberta and has been funded by Alberta Health & Wellness since April 1, 2009.

Your Care Includes:

  • A no-obligation consultation: when we receive your application for care, if we have a spot available for your estimated due date, your midwife will schedule an initial phone visit with you to discuss the midwifery model of care. During this call, we will answer any questions you may have, and take your health history to ensure you’re an appropriate candidate for midwifery care
  • Prenatal visits typically, you’ll see your midwife 10-13 times over the course of your pregnancy. Visits are usually 4-5 weeks apart in early pregnancy and are scheduled closer together as your pregnancy progresses. Most of your visits will be 30 minutes in length, with some being 60-90 minutes long for more in-depth conversations and care.
  • Direct access to your midwife 24 hours a day: Your midwife is available 24 hours a day, by pager, for urgent concerns and for when you’re in labour (of course!). Occasionally, you may reach another midwife from Aurora who is covering your midwife’s pager for a period of time (for example, if your midwife is at another client’s birth). Your midwife is also available by email for less urgent questions and concerns.
  • All recommended lab work and ultrasounds: these services are ordered by your midwife and are covered by Alberta Health Care
  • Access to our extensive Clients Only online resource
  • Access to our lending library: if you’re looking for information on a specific topic or would like book recommendations, please ask your midwife or check in with the admin staff at the front desk.
  • Labour and birth care at your chosen birth place (home, hospital, or birth center) – choice of birth place
  • All postpartum home visits and clinic visits: usually, your midwife will see you at home three times in your first week postpartum. Plus an additional 2-3 visits in clinic before your care is completed at six weeks postpartum
  • Extensive breastfeeding support
  • Appropriate Referrals to other providers at any time during your care that it may be needed. For example: obstetrician, paediatrician, lactation specialist, psychologist, chiropractor, etc.

Preconception Visit*

An hour long visit with a midwife to review factors important for a healthy pregnancy.

During this visit you will:

  • Learn about the midwifery model of care: including our scope of practice, philosophy of care, and the similarities and differences to medical care.
  • Review diet and supplement recommendations for preconception and early pregnancy
  • Discuss lifestyle choices that can impact conception and early pregnancy and offer recommendations for adjustments, if needed
  • Go over your personal and family health history and offer referrals for any health concerns, if indicated
  • Discuss fertility awareness and how to work with your body’s ovulation cycle to support conception
  • Review your options for early pregnancy care

*Cost: $100.00

Aurora also offers sex chromosome genetic testing through Sneak Peek for gender reveal as early as 6 weeks.

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