Out of Hospital Second Attendants

Every birth is attended by a midwife from your own team and a second attendant, this person is usually a midwife from another team. Occasionally, we may call on a registered nurse who we have a relationship with to attend a home birth. These nurses are trained in all of the skills and certifications required to manage a straightforward birth at home or an emergency if one should arise.

Logan Bidal

My name is Logan and I’m a Registered Nurse who works L&D and Pospartum at SHC. I was born and raised in the Fraser Valley in BC and moved to Calgary 6 years ago to go to Mount Royal University.

I have always been passionate about birth and am excited to provide holistic care alongside the wonderful Aurora midwives. I love unmedicated deliveries and supporting birthing people through their transitions. I believe it is the greatest honour to help women/birthing people and their support people become families and bring their babies safely into the world. I am a strong patient advocate and am excited to support people in making informed choices and having the birth they want while listening to their body!

In my spare time, I’m usually with my partner and my two crazy dogs, cooking and baking, or rock climbing! I am looking forward to spending my time attending home births with Aurora Midwifery!

Kelly Culp

Kelly Culp R.N BScN

I am excited and honored to join the Aurora Midwifery Team as a Second Birth Attendant RN. I was born and raised with rural roots on my family farm in Alberta. From this experience I was fortunate enough to know the importance of community and family support. I also learned to be connected intuitively and spiritually to nature and animals which has shaped me into the person and nurse I am today.

With my 20 plus years as a Registered Nurse, I have practice
in Rural, Indigenous, Palliative, and most recently Labour and Delivery nursing settings. My Birth Worker journey started from the births of my own children Manney(16), Hardy(14), Henry(11) and Millie(2) as well as having some ancestorial guidance. After my first daughter was born, I sought out for a more holistic, supportive, caring approach to maternal care and found that it was very difficult to find especially in rural Alberta. From this point on I have educated myself along with finding experiences that would help shape and fulfill my purpose to provide supportive, spiritual, competent, holistic, and collaborated care to families. With my last baby I was very
fortunate to have the care of Aurora Midwifery. This ignited my calling even more and since then I have worked with numerous amazing Midwives, Practitioners and Families as a Nurse and as a Doula.

In my spare time you can usually find me at one of my kids
sporting games or activities. I enjoy golfing, gardening, cooking, baking, music, and a good campfire. I’m so fortunate to have a family and a husband that supports me in my not so conventional way of nursing. I am very grateful to be part of people’s birth stories and the beautiful lessons that are learnt from their journeys.

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