Kimberley Schmidt

It has been a great gift and adventure to have served birthing families since 1990. I began as a Registered Nurse. My experience has encompassed most of the perinatal areas but primarily labour & delivery for most of those 15 years. Not long after starting out I realized that families deserved more personalized care and support. In 1993 I created an independent nursing practice providing childbirth education, support (doula/monitrice) and postpartum guidance to nearly 200 families. I also taught childbirth support skills and non-pharmacologic methods of pain relief for labor to aspiring doulas and nurses throughout southern Alberta. As of June 2005, I completed a certificate in Midwifery through Seattle Midwifery School.

In 2008 I began the Aurora Midwifery practice. This path to and through midwifery has afforded me a unique perspective and I value the incredible connections and lessons along the way.

When I am not catching babies I enjoy cuddling my Bassett Hounds, tending my garden and my backyard chickens and beehives. I have been blessed with four amazing (now adult) children and a patient partner. They have experienced the benefits and burdens of having a midwife mom/wife. Over the years, each has shared birthdays and Christmases with other families. My eldest daughter has answered the calling to become a midwife and join our practice. It has been wonderful to attend births together!

I believe that pregnancy and birth are healthy and normal events in life. My goal is to help you experience birth’s transforming power with respect and dignity, in safety, support and confidence. The opportunity for couples to begin their parenting experience in a positive and empowered manner can only strengthen their relationship with each other and with their child. Childbirth is seldom described as easy; however, there are powerful lessons in birth if we are open to receiving them. I hope to share a little of this magic with women as they journey towards parenthood whether for the first time or the tenth.

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