January Muhlbeier

January Muhlbeier - Physiotherapist

Hi! Hello! Hola! I’m January, and contrary to that greeting, my Spanish is terrible, but I love a good hot sauce. My professional hat is Physiotherapist, and for the last half of my career I’ve had the pleasure of wearing the Pelvic Health PT feather in that hat.

A few details about me as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. I have been working as a Physiotherapist in Calgary for the last decade and I have specialised training in Pelvic Health. If you’re not quite sure what that entails, it includes: urinary urgency and incontinence, fecal incontinence, pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, prolapse, dyspareunia, vestibulodynia, and vulvodynia (aka does it hurt? Like, a lot?), sexual health and well being, pre and post natal care, activity or sport related pelvic concerns, and pretty much anything to do with your pelvis and pelvic organs, the low back and hips, because it’s allllll connected! I treat all pelvises, whether they were assigned female or male at birth, because pelvic concerns don’t give a hoot about your gender.

I also have my certification for Functional Dry Needling, and the ROST Method, as well as training in myofascial release techniques, non-threatening movement and exercise, and specific return to activity with or following pelvic health concerns. I treat from a Biopsychosocial perspective because you are more than just your anatomy.

Ultimately, I am passionate about supporting and empowering you to feel strong, capable, adaptable, and resilient in whatever it is you want or need to do, whether that’s having a happy and healthy sex life or being able to laugh with your kids without peeing a little. Also, TMI is not a thing that exists for me. So don’t even worry about it a little. If it’s important to you, I want to know.

If you’re curious, here are a few random factoids about me! I was a midwife delivered baby VBAC-2 (my mom was a bad ass) and I personally delivered my wee offspring with the help of midwife as well. I am so grateful for the personalised care and ability to labour at home as well as the outstanding support when we had to make some last-minute unplanned pivots. I have one tiny human and she is my beloved chaos gremlin. I have a giant beast of a dog and a rather small cat. They are my loveable pools of darkness. We just bought a house in the community last year, and I have so many plans and what seems like never enough time to do any of them!

I am a collector of hobbies and definitely not a master of any, but between my partner and I, we probably have the supplies to do pretty much anything. My current and probably most long-standing is crochet and I am on a quest to find a bralette pattern that fits, is comfy, and doesn’t give me a headache. Otherwise, I make a lot of hats and scarves/shawls. I also have a mild tea obsession and it pairs well with my mug collection. I. Love. Romance Novels. Except I hate a lot of the toxic tropes used in them, so I frequently rant while I read.

I look forward to meeting you and being part of your journey!

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