Emily West

Emily West - Midwife

Hello, I am Emily, and I am thrilled to be joining Aurora! I was lucky enough to grow up watching my mother practice midwifery in hospital as a nurse-midwife, and then in the Calgary and Cochrane area as a community midwife. She single-handedly laid the foundation for my deep belief that birth is inherently normal, and that people deserve care that makes them feel safe, heard, informed, and supported.

My calling to midwifery was not a linear one. In my early twenties I completed a degree in gender studies on the East Coast, focusing on women’s healthcare, knowing deep down that I wanted to work in that field one day. During my degree and afterward for many years I worked as an independent musician in Nova Scotia, Calgary and Toronto as music and songwriting is also a big passion of mine! It was while exploring my desire to work with people as a care provider in health care and in the midst of applying to medical school In 2018 that I attended the home birth of a dear friend here in Calgary. The experience confirmed for me the transformative, unique power (and honour) of people bringing their babies into the world. I was also lucky enough to witness Aurora’s matriarch, Kimberley, in action at that same birth putting her incredible skills to work. I immediately applied to the program at MRU, bringing me full circle to where I am today. This past year I delivered my son at home with midwives (including my dear midwifery partner, and mom!) which was beyond special. I am eternally grateful that I had the choices and care made possible to me by midwives, and love getting to put these things into practice myself here at Aurora.

In between midwife-life I can be found hanging with my partner, my son Rory and dog Winnie, reading, thrifting, playing some tunes, baking, with a good cup of coffee, being in nature and spending time with friends and family

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