About Midwifery?

Water Births

For centuries, women have used the therapeutic properties of water to ease the pain of labour. Soaking in a tub of water can facilitate deep relaxation and reduce the production of stress hormones (which can slow labour and increase the perception of pain). Labouring in water encourages the woman to move easily because of the buoyancy afforded by the water. Once able to experience these benefits, women are reluctant to leave the tub for birth. This is how waterbirth began.

"Women achieve a level of comfort in the water that in turn reduces their levels of fear and stress. Women's perception of pain is greatly influenced by their levels of anxiety. When labour becomes physically easier, a woman's ability to calmly concentrate is improved, and she is able to focus inward on the birth processes. Water helps some women reach a state of consciousness in which their fear and resistance are diminished or removed completely; then their bodies relax, and their babies are born in the easiest way possible."
-From the Waterbirth International Website

In Europe, waterbirth is more widely available in hospitals than it is here in North America and many of our clients have chosen to birth in the water. Research has suggested that waterbirth can shorten the length of labour, decreases the use of pain medication and epidurals without increasing infection rates or compromising the safety of the baby. While the outcomes of thousands of water births in the past twenty or more years suggests that it is a safe option, definitive research is not yet complete. If you are interested in having a waterbirth we encourage you to read more and discuss your questions with us.