About Midwifery?

Hospital Birth

Women in and near Calgary who plan to have a hospital birth may choose to have their babies at the Foothills Hospital, Peter Lougheed Hospital, Rockyview Hospital or High River Hospital.

Your midwife will come to your home when you are in active labour. Receiving labour support in your own home allows you to maintain control of your environment and by remaining home in labour as long as you are comfortable, you can reduce interventions associated with early hospital admission. Your friends and family may participate as you wish. Your midwife can assess your labour progress at home, and together you make the decision about the best time to go to the hospital. Your midwife will accompany you to the hospital.

Once admitted to hospital, your midwife continues your care until after the baby is born. Another midwife or a nurse will be present at the time of birth to assist you and your midwife but generally no other hospital staff is involved in your birth unless we specifically ask for assistance. If the birth has been uncomplicated, and you feel well, you may go home within a few hours following the birth.