Meet the Midwives

Alisha Julien Reid, RM

Alisha Julien ReidI am delighted to be joining Aurora Midwives. My name is Alisha Julien Reid, I am a Mi'kmaq First Nations woman from Nova Scotia. Growing up in a First Nations community I have been taught to value new life and respect the strength women carry. I was inspired to begin midwifery after attending my best friend's birth. I completed my midwifery education in Hamilton, Ontario at McMaster University. I have experience supporting women who choose home birth. I am familiar with hypno- birthing and water births.

After working in Hamilton for three years I have experience supporting women in the hospital setting. I understand the advocacy women may require in order to feel they are making informed choices and value good inter professional relationships with other health care providers.

It is my pleasure to be here in Alberta with my supportive partner and lovely three year old daughter. We have received warm greetings ;) and are enjoying the snowy start!

Included is a photo of my family and my father who is a Mi'kmaq artist presenting a painting to the McMaster Midwifery Education program.


About Laura Stephen, RM

Laura Stephen I was drawn to midwifery because I am a strong believer in informed choice and holistic health care. However, my journey into midwifery began as a child before I was even aware what a midwife was. My family believed in utilizing a range of health care options from family doctors to traditional Chinese medicine, so I grew up surrounded with the knowledge that complimentary therapies are a very important part of medicine. I was always encouraged to be informed about my health, seek information and be part of the decision making process. I began my career in health care as Licensed Practical Nurse in 2007 in Kelowna B.C., working in acute care and palliative care settings. I quickly discovered that many of the patients I worked with did not have a voice in their own care. I felt compelled to be part of a health care team in which I could provide quality care to women while ensuring they feel empowered and knowledgeable about their own health. .

In 2008 I relocated to Toronto to begin my midwifery education at Ryerson University. My training includes clinical placements with several midwifery clinics in downtown Toronto as well as many other skilled practitioners in the obstetrical community such as obstetricians, labour and delivery nurses, lactation consultants and alternative healthcare specialists, from whom I learned an invaluable range of medical skills and alternative therapies. In 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery with Honours.

I feel incredibly grateful for the privilege of supporting women and their families through their birth experiences and to witness the powerful moments throughout pregnancy and birth which transform women into mothers.